Sunday, 16 September 2012

HOW TO BLINK AN LED USING 8051 include keil(c and hex(.a51)) and Proteus

Design circuit diagram in Proteus as bellow :-

put all component as shown in figure.

Program To Blink an led in Assembly Language

org 0000h
mov P2,#00h        ; initialize the Port2 as output port
top: cpl P2.0         ; compliment the bit
acall delay             ; call delay procedure
sjmp top               ; make this operation to run repeatedly

mov R1,#010h     ; initialize the R1 register with an immediate value 10h = 16d
mov R0,#0FFh     ; load R0 with FFh value to repeat the loop for 256 times
back: DJNZ R0    , back ;internal loop repeates 256 times
DJNZ R1,back     ;external loop repeates 16 times

Program To Blink an led in c

sbit LED = P2^0;            // define Port2 pin as an LED
void delay(int);

void main()
while(1)                         // infinite loop
LED = ~LED;              // toggle LED
}                                 // end of while loop

}                                // end of main

void delay(int i)

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